Queen Bees

Supplying Quality Queen Bees to Local and International Markets

Mulder Apiaries has been entirely dedicated to the production of Italian Queen Bees for Australian and International beekeepers. In addition, it supplies Nucleus Colonies to beekeepers in Australia.

It has earned a trusted reputation for the excellent quality of its products and takes pride in the efficient service it provides to its many customers around the world. In particular, Mulder Apiaries has a thriving export business with many satisfied customers in USA, Canada, Japan and the Middle East.

Situated on the picturesque Dorrigo Plateau on the NSW mid-north coast, Mulder Apiaries takes full advantage of the huge variety of nectar and pollen producing flowers in the area. The favourable climate provides ideal conditions for raising queens from September through to April.

The website contains considerable information to assist existing or potential beekeepers. Should you require more details, don't hesitate to contact Mulder Apiaries for prompt and friendly assistance.