Our Queen Bees

Italian Variety Queen Bees

At Mulder Apiaries we pride ourselves on the quality of our "Italian" variety of Queen Bees and our high level of service.

All our Queen Bees are produced in large nucleus colonies (4 and 5 frame, full depth) to ensure the Queens receive optimum nutrition and attention from strong healthy Worker Bees.

We make sure our Queens are well cared for from the day of "grafting" (inception) to the day of departure. All Queens are "open mated" and we ensure large numbers of well fed drones from selected colonies are always available during the mating periods.

Intensive selection processes ensure only the best Queens Bees are used as Breeders. We select our breeding stock from proven hives within our apiaries. The main selection criteria includes stock that are hygienic, hardy, resistant to disease and have an ability to come through winter well. The bees must show good honey production and have a docile nature.

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Special Note

Due to very high demand, we advise that we will be unable to take any further Queen Bee orders for 2020.