PRICES as at July 2019

Queen Bees


Queen Bees (Italian Variety)
1-9 $33.00 each
10-49 $28.60 each
50 and over $27.50 each
Postage and Handling: Add $12.10 per shipment.
All Queens sent Express Post.
Terms: Payment before despatch.
Queens normally sent out on Monday or Tuesday each week.
All prices include 10% GST.

Nucleus Colonies (5 frames with young vigorous Italian queen)
1-9 $198.00 each
10-49 $187.00
50 and over $165.00 each
Nucleus Colonies are available for pick up only and are supplied in "Hive Doctor Smart Nuc Boxes".
All prices include 10% GST.

Queens Cells
$6.60 each
Pick up only

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